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Our Leadership

Tim Schellpeper

Chief Executive Officer, JBS USA

Victor Machado


Fabio Sandri

President and CEO, Pilgrim's

The JBS USA executive team is responsible for the company’s operations. This includes implementation of the strategic, financial and management policies, as well as preparation of financial statements and other reports. For a full list of JBS and Pilgrim’s leadership, please visit Our Website.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Our corporate philosophy necessarily includes the importance of sound corporate governance and compliance with laws, regulations and our own internal policies. We have an independent JBS USA Advisory Board to support the company’s executive leadership on matters related to corporate governance, government and regulatory affairs, commodity risk management and marketing. Our JBS USA Advisory Board is made up of independent members, ensuring that credible, expert voices of objectivity help guide the direction of our business. The board meets quarterly, in addition to providing ongoing counsel to the JBS USA CEO and executive leadership team.

The Ethics and Compliance Department (ECD) is led by the Global Chief Compliance Officer, who has a split reporting structure to the Independent Advisory Board and CEO for JBS USA, and to the Board of Directors and CFO for Pilgrim’s. The ECD is responsible for managing a number of essential compliance functions. First, the ECD develops, administers and trains on the Code of Conduct and Ethics and related policies, including anti-bribery/anti-corruption, anti-trust/competition, international trade and sanctions, conflicts of interest and hospitalities (gifts, business meals and entertainment). Second, the ECD manages the JBS USA Ethics Line, and actively promotes and encourages its use through the “Speak Up Campaign.” Third, the ECD monitors compliance through investigations, assessment and analysis of Ethics Line matters, and one-on-one consultations with employees regarding specific situations. Fourth, JBS USA also requires third party vendors to follow our same high standards.  Specifically, JBS USA provides its third-party vendors with its Supplier Code of Conduct, which requires third-party vendors to commit to acceptable standards of business conduct and integrity, and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and rules. Fifth, in 2021, JBS USA established an Ethics Committee comprised of senior executives who are responsible for promoting a company-wide culture that encourages ethical conduct and decision-making; compliance with the law, regulations, and policies; and promotion of senior management’s commitment to support the compliance function.

JBS USA Independent Advisory Board

John Boehner

Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Dean Hollis

Former President and CEO, Consumer Foods at ConAgra Foods

Dimitri Panayotopoulos

Former Vice Chairman, Proctor & Gamble

Harvey Pitt

Former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Pilgrim's Board of Directors

Pilgrim’s is governed by board of directors comprised of nine members, five of which are independent. The board is responsible for reviewing the overall operating, financial and strategic plans and performance of the company and the process by which financial and non-financial information about the company is provided to management, the board and the company’s stockholders. In addition, the board also selects and evaluates senior executives and oversees appropriate policies of corporate conduct and compliance.

  • Gilberto Tomazoni – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, and Global CEO, JBS S.A.
  • Andre Nogueira – Global President of Operations, JBS North America
  • Joanita Karoleski – President of JBS S.A. Amazon Fund
  • Wallim Cruz de Vasconcellos Junior – Former Partner of Iposeira Partners, Ltd.
  • Vincent Trius – Global Head of Innovation, JBS S.A.
  • Farha Aslam – Former Managing Director, Stephens Inc.
  • Raul Padilla – President of Global Operations, Bunge Limited
  • Arquimedes A. Celis – Former CEO of Grupo Lala and Bachoco
  • Ajay Menon – President/CEO of Colorado State University Research Foundation