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2021 Excellence Awards

Excellence is not just something that Pilgrim’s strives for. It’s a mission, an expectation. The Pilgrim’s Excellence Awards are designed to recognize and reward Pilgrim’s facilities that exemplify the Pilgrim’s vision – to be the best and most respected company in our industry, creating the opportunity of a better future for our team members.

In order to obtain the Excellence Award, a Pilgrim’s facility must demonstrate the successful implementation and sustainability of the Management Method – the winner must show ownership and accountability to drive true improvement.

Of 1,000 total points available for the taking, the score is split between two key categories of judgement: pillar assessments and results. Points for pillar assessments are allocated across the company’s five pillars, People, Management, Quality, Environment and Maintenance, while points for results are tallied by scoring the execution and outcome of KPIs, both which are calculated on a quarterly basis.

Congratulations to Arcadia, Wisconsin, for being selected as the winner of the 2021 Pilgrim’s Excellence Award for the successful integration of the Management Method as part of the culture in Arcadia and their close attention to sustainable processes and results through the use of our pillars. The Arcadia team has proven consistently to be the best, and this award is a direct result of their ongoing efforts.

Coming in second place, Cold Spring, Minnesota, was recognized as the runner-up, and Moorefield, West Virginia, secured a third-place achievement.

“We are very proud of the accomplishments of the Arcadia, Cold Spring and Moorefield Prepared teams,” said Fabio Sandri, Pilgrim’s CEO. “All three teams leveraged the Management Method and drove sustainable processes and results through the use of our pillars: People, Quality, Environmental, Maintenance and Management.”

“I truly believe we have the best team in the industry, and we are very grateful for our people,” Sandri said. “They bolster our vision and share a commitment to keeping our team members safe. I am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together in 2022.”

Pilgrim’s Excellence Awards will be given to top performers annually, and we look forward to celebrating these successes and more in the coming months.