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Dalehead Senior Leadership Featured in Role Models Report

We are proud to share a copy of the recently released Role Models in Consumer Goods and Grocery report which features Rachel Baldwin and Rachel Griffiths.

The report includes conversations with industry leaders, driving change or inspiring progress on diversity and inclusion.

These role models were nominated and selected because of their inspiring leadership, their wider contribution to the sector, their success as a mentor or impact on society.

The MBS Group produced the report in partnership with IGD. MBS identified over 70 role models from the consumer goods and grocery sector, with the view to demonstrate the breadth and depth of inspiring talent in the sector.

Rachel Baldwin added: “We all face challenges in our careers, but it’s important to understand and learn how we overcome barriers and strive forward. MBS has given us the chance to explain our backgrounds and how we have made it to where we are today. This publication is more than just showing examples of success, but learning from individuals across diverse backgrounds.”

The conversations included in the report will not only inspire us all to dial-up our focus, but also encourage the next generation of talent to enter this exciting and inclusive sector.

Rachel Griffiths explained: “Thanks to this publican we can see how inclusive our sector is and recognize those that have smashed glass ceilings across the Grocery and Consumer Goods industries. It is inspiring to read about people’s journeys and fantastic to see so many friends and colleagues acknowledged for their hard work in getting to where they are today. Having inspirational leaders and celebrating diversity makes our industry attractive. I want to thank IGD and MBS for helping spread this message.”

To read the report click here: thembsgroup.co.uk/internal/role-models-in-consumer-goods-and-grocery