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Pilgrim's Mexico

Increased GLP Certification

In 2018, the Pilgrim’s Mexico team set out to have all of its owned and supplying broiler farms attain Good Livestock Practices (GLP) program certification, an official recognition granted by the Mexican federal government to all units of poultry production whose practices and operating procedures meet or exceed the requirements of Federal Animal Health Law (based on the GLP Manual managed by SAGARPA and SENASICA). By the end of the year, 306 farms were GLP certified, and 100 percent had begun the process of working toward certification.

The GLP program includes compliance with various specifications related to biosecurity, animal welfare, composting systems and treatment of sub-products generated at the farm. In cases where a deficiency is recognized, action plans are developed by the Pilgrim’s Mexico team to identify solutions that meet program requirements. Company production managers and supervisors are responsible for monitoring the implementation of these action plans.

Since beginning the certification process, Pilgrim’s Mexico has seen a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved performance and animal welfare in birds
  • Better traceability/control of products
  • Best internal management
  • Increased profitability
  • Improved infrastructure of production units