Investing in Wastewater Treatment | JBS USA | Sustainability Report

Marshalltown, IA, Pork Production Facility

Investing in Wastewater Treatment

In April 2019, JBS USA Marshalltown completed a new $9.2 million, 10,000 square-foot pretreatment wastewater facility to more effectively process plant wastewater and extract previously-lost, sellable product. Since the treatment facility’s opening, Marshalltown has decreased the total suspended solids in its wastewater by approximately 43 percent and its biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) by more than 60 percent. As a result, more than 800,000 lbs. of product has been kept out of the plant’s waste stream and instead collected for sale to customers.

The new building’s design and installed equipment, such as variable frequency drives, more efficient motors and a prominent new polymer feeder, contribute to reductions in overall energy consumption, chemical use and cost. Additionally, due to the facility’s improved plumbing, water discharge has decreased by more than 4 million gallons in May 2019 alone, lowering water and utility costs and addressing noncompliance issues. A local utilities company recognized the treatment plant’s energy-efficient design by granting the Marshalltown team a rebate check for more than $78,000 in 2019.

Water use and water quality are priorities at JBS USA and critical pillars in our sustainability program. Marshalltown’s investment in its wastewater treatment demonstrates the company’s determination to ensure our water discharge meets or exceeds all regulatory and internal quality standards.