Reducing Emissions Through Heat Recovery | JBS USA | Sustainability Report

Pilgrim's Moy Park

Reducing Emissions Through Heat Recovery

In the last five years, our Moy Park team at Anwick has vastly reduced fuel-oil consumption following the installation of a state-of-the-art heat recovery system at the site.

The heating system’s configuration means that the Anwick facility utilizes waste refrigeration heat, which would normally be discarded outdoors. The recovered heat is then used instead of boilers to heat water for processing. The system has also lowered water and chemical consumption from the site’s cooling towers resulting in less waste.

Since its installation in 2015, our Anwick site has saved almost 800,000 gallons of fuel, and in the process it has reduced annual carbon emissions by approximately 1,800 tonnes of CO2e per year. This annual carbon reduction at Anwick roughly balances against the carbon that Moy Park emits on air travel each year.

This technology is being installed (or is under consideration) at other sites across our Moy Park facilities as well.